reconnect the disconnect


  • Experts through experience.  

  • A straight talking company with over 50 years of management experience in the IT and HR world.  

  • People who have been at the coal face, who have been there and done it at a practical level.

  • Direct, realistic, no nonsense approach to having successful teams and leaders.  

  • We have built, managed and maintained teams, whilst sitting in Leadership roles within a cross section of organisations.

  • We know the challenges and we know what success looks like.

what we do

Maximise the benefits of your investment in tech expertise


We develop understanding of both tech capability and business imperatives


Drive your technology investment as a contributor, not simply as an overhead


  • Bespoke coaching and mentoring

  • Realistic assessment of your team in the context of the business

  • Objectives-based engagement of teams and individuals 

  • Pragmatic application of best-practice tools and frameworks

  • Impartial management and operational recommendations


who we are

Over 50 years’ combined management and leadership experience

Direct, realistic tools and approaches

Our methods are progressive, inclusive and deliver results

Built, managed and maintained cross-sector UK and international teams

Experienced the challenges inside teams and as leaders

We know what success looks like

Our key values are authenticity and integrity


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