the data behind your team

The data behind your team is a critical element in its performance.


The soft-skills assessment of a team gives a holistic view of its strengths and weaknesses.


A relatively short-shift intervention.


The result is a recommendation plan, with next steps.


Team performance has started to flag?

Blocks in the team are limiting performance?

Significant changes to the business are unsettling teams and individuals?

Your top performers could be boosted to the next level?


Offered to whole teams as well as one-to-one, coaching and mentoring  are results-focused and responsive to the dynamics of the organisation.


Objectives are planned according to business need, over the short, medium or long term.


Coaching and mentoring sessions are designed to fit around the team, the individual and their work commitments. For example, short sessions usually take place at your premises or over the phone, which minimises the amount of time spent away from your day-to-day duties


Executive coaching and mentoring are becoming increasingly popular among today’s dynamic business leaders.


Our professional executive programme assesses the individual’s present challenges and future potential within the organisation.


An external business coach will be impartial and objective, offering mentoring and guidance, as well as acting as a sounding board for real-life issues and strategies.


a wealth of leadership knowledgea

Our tech management advisory service offers assessments of both individuals and teams, working with you to craft a set of recommendations appropriate to your business.


We provide a wealth of leadership knowledge in business and tech planning and processes.


Our expertise is in optimising the relationship between business and tech.

coaching and mentoring by business professionals gets to the root of challenges and offers practical, positive change

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